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Post Cards

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 29 Collections and/or Records:

Bulloch Hall and Speaking in Ocean Grove NJ postcards

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_Roosevelt_0016 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0017

McKinley Monument Buffalo NY postcards

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_McKinley1900_0050 ; TAJC_McKinley1900_0051

McKinley Monument postcards

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_McKinley1900_0048 ; TAJC_McKinley1900_0049

McKinley Monument with Flag postcards

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_McKinley1900_0038 ; TAJC_McKinley1900_0039

McKinley Statue postcard

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_McKinley1900_0042

Milburn Residence postcards

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_McKinley1900_0052 ; TAJC_McKinley1900_0053 ; TAJC_McKinley1900_0054 ; TAJC_McKinley1900_0055

National McKinley Memorial and The Capitol postcards

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_McKinley1900_0040 ; TAJC_McKinley1900_0041

Teddy B postcard

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_Roosevelt_0003

Temple of Music postcard

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_McKinley1900_0047

Temple of Music postcards

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_McKinley1900_0045 ; TAJC_McKinley1900_0046

The Roosevelt Bears postcards

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_Roosevelt_0001 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0002

TR Presidential and Family poscards

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_Roosevelt_0005 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0006 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0007 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0008

Wilcox House and Home in Oyster Bay postcards

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_Roosevelt_0013; TAJC_Roosevelt_0014 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0015

Wilcox House postcards

 Digital Record
Identifier: TAJC_Roosevelt_0009 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0010 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0011 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0012