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  • 1975-1995 (Creation)
  • 1975-1979 (Creation)


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  • Abstract

    The records in this collection represent much of the planning, duties, and academic involvement of the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  These records are mostly textual and in the forms of memorandums, but there are also stickers, brochures and other media.  This ranges from topics concerning budget, faculty info, data processing, degree planning, academic involvement in the form of committees, councils, and offering or cancelling certain courses offered on or off campus.

  • Arrangement

    Collection is arranged according to subject and chronological order of each different name of the institution.  Papers within folders, binded booklets, or folders have been removed from their containers and placed in their own folders.  Oversized items are put into a folder together and placed on one of the oversized shelves within the university archives.

    Series I. Tyler State College

    Sub-Series a. Faculty

    Sub-Series b. Grad School

    Sub-Sub Series i. National Science Foundation

    Sub-Series c. Degrees

    Sub-Series d. Planning

    Sub-Sub-Series i. Campus Plan 1973

    Sub-Series e. Data Processing

    Series II. Texas Eastern University

    Sub-Series a. Dedication Programs

    Sub-Sub-Series i. Phase I & II

    Sub-Sub-Series ii. Name Change Dedication

    Sub-Series b. Curriculum

    Sub-Sub-Series i. Committees

    Sub-Sub-Series ii. Council for Higher Education

    Sub-Sub-Series iii. Courses

    Sub-Series c. Faculty

    Sub-Sub-Series i. Evaluations

    Sub-Series d. Finances/Budget

    Sub-Sub-Series i. Grants/Fellowships/Internships

    Sub-Series e. Degrees

    Sub-Sub-Series i. Undergraduate

    Sub-Sub-Series ii. Graduate

    Sub-Sub-Series iii. Program Projections

    Sub-Series f. Planning

    Sub-Series g. Catalog

    Sub-Series h. Legislature

    Sub-Series i. Data Processing

    Sub-Series j. Miscellaneous

    Series III. University of Texas at Tyler

    Sub-Series a. Committees

    Sub-Sub-Series i. Appointments

    Sub-Series b. Budgets

    Sub-Series c. Calendars

    Sub-Series d. Faculty

    Sub-Series e. University Partnership

    Sub-Series f. Miscellaneous

    Sub-Sub-Series i. UT Health Clinic

    Sub-Sub-Series ii. Catalog

  • Conditions Governing Access

    No restrictions. Documents may contain outdated e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or expired credit card numbers.

  • Source of Acquisition

    Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

  • Preferred Citation

    [Identification of item], in the Vice President of Academic Affairs Papers, The University Archives and Special Collections Department, Robert R. Muntz Library, The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX, USA.

  • Biographical or Historical Information

    The Texas Legislature approved the bill to create Tyler State College in 1971.  It later had a change of name to Texas Eastern University on June 10,1975 for many years until it finally became a part of the UT System and changed its name to the University of Texas at Tyler.  The Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs predominantly deals with academic priorities such as degree requirements of grad and undergrad levels, and whether the faculty and courses are meeting the expectations the University wants.  The VPAA is also in charge of creating reports on academic evaluation and problems to the President of the University.  It monitors and coordinates various education curricula along with presiding over meetings with the University faculty.  It is an administrative supervision of the many educational departments within the university, working closely with the deans of each college and the President at the same time to ensure all goes smoothly.  The VPAA also prepares and submits budget reports for academic affairs to the President.  Three people fill the position of VPAA in this collection starting with Bill Turney, then Donald M. Anthony, and finally Donald Wisenhunt. Note written by Mary-Elizabeth Smith.

  • Related Materials

    This collection includes a minor relation to W. Allen Martin and the Planning and Dedication of Phase I and II buildings.  Additional information on Martin may be found in the W. Allen Martin Papers 1975-2010 and Facilities Planning and Construction Records 1973-2010.

  • Scope and Contents

    This collection of papers is from the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  These papers mostly include memorandums and correspondence from the VPAA to the faculty, the President of the college, and outside authorities.  Other media contained in the collection are pamphlets, booklets, some state legislation reference, invitations to events, and promotional information for the university.  Some contents are oversized and cannot fit into a traditional archival folder.  These include some promotional stickers for Texas Eastern University, newspapers and a newsletter.  All of these documents range from the years 1975 to 1995.


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