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  • 1976-2000 (Creation)
  • 1989-1995 (Creation)
  • Date acquired: 2009-01-04 (Other)


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  • Abstract

    This collection holds the personal research papers of Herb Epstein, Adjunct Associate Professor of Management and Technology at the University of Texas at Tyler from 1994 to 2000. Topics within the collection vary but ultimately are connected through a business and management perspective.  Most of the documents presented are during Epstein’s time at the University of Texas at Tyler but also includes information from his time with the Vought Helicopter Corporation.  The abundance of documents in this collection involve the European Community and the changing business practices in 1992, and Industrial Distribution research.

  • Arrangement

    The papers and documents in this collection are arranged by subject matter based on how it was originally donated to the University Archives and Special Collections. Finished drafts of research papers have been given their own folders at the front of the Collection for easy access. News publications and correspondence have been arranged chronologically if applicable.  Similar media like brochures or articles of research have been placed together. Certain groups of papers have been given folders to themselves if they were found clipped together with a folder clip.  Booklets and other loose materials have been placed in acid-free manila folders according to their corresponding topic.  Series’ with Sub-series have been labelled accordingly on the file folders in each box.

    Series I: Papers

    Series II: UT Tyler

    Series III: Geographical Information Systems

    Series IV: European Community and 1992

    Subseries A: European Community News Publications

    Subseries B: Europe 1992: An American CEO's Dilemma References

    Series V: Association with Asia and Non-Destructive Testing

    Series VI: Allen Organ

    Series VII: Tyler Pipe

    Series VIII: NAIT Convention

    Series IX: Quality and Unions

    Subseries A: Quality Texas

    Subseries B: ASQC

    Subseries C: Unions

    Series X: Industrial Distribution

  • Conditions Governing Access

    The collection is open for research use.

  • Physical Access Requirements

    All of the notes in this collection are handwritten which some may find hard to read.  Newspaper clippings are torn along edges and some folds.

  • Source of Acquisition

    Herb Epstein

  • Method of Acquisition

    Received from Epstein as a gift to the University Archives in 2009.

  • Accruals and Additions

    No further accrurals are expected.

  • Custodial History

    Many of the files in this collection were compiled and organized by Epstein before he donated it to the University Archives under the Archivist Travis Jones.

  • Related Publications

    Article "Europe 1992: An American CEO's Dilemma" is published in the Journal of Management in Practice Vol. 2, No. 1 (1990)

  • Preferred Citation

    [Identification of item], in the Herb Epstein Papers, The University Archives and Special Collections Department, Robert R. Muntz Library, The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX, USA.

  • Biographical or Historical Information

    Herb Epstein Graduated from New York University in 1944 and got his Master’s Degree in International Business from the University of Dallas in 1972.  He got his Educational Degree from Texas A&M in 1993 specializing in Industrial Education and the Relevance of M.B.A. Programs to Careers. Epstein was a Senior Lecturer at UT Tyler before he became an Adjunct Professor of Management and Technology in 1994. He taught Graduate and Undergraduate courses in International Business, Industrial Distribution, Business Logistics, and Project Management. He retired from UT Tyler in 2009.  He was a member in several organizations as far back as 1943 including the American Helicopter Society, the American Society for Quality Control, and the National Association of Industrial Technology of which the collection contains many pieces of information. He has published several articles over a diverse arrangement of subjects that have been published in journals and magazines. Along with this, he has given a fair number of presentations, most of them in Texas, usually on International and Domestic Business issues and quality management and control. Epstein was also at the forefront of bringing continuing education to the management of Tyler Pipe in a series of seminars with other professors from UT Tyler.  In honor of all his hard work in the business world and the University system, he was named Executive in Residence at UT Tyler in 1988, and was also awarded the Faculty Leadership Award from the Business Students Association at UT Tyler from 1989 to 1990. Epstein was also involved in international business for many years, travelling to the Middle East, the Far East, and even France as a corporate liaison. He was the former president and co-founder of the Vought Helicopter Corporation (now the Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation).Note written by Mary-Elizabeth Smith

  • Related Materials

    Originals and copies of originals within UASC files.

  • Scope and Contents

    This collection contains research gathered and filed by Herb Epstein over the course of the years from 1976 to 2000.  The documents contained involve his time as President of the Vought Helicopter Corporation, Corporate Liaison, and Educator at the University of Texas at Tyler.  Documentation during these years of business research include that of a changing European economy around the year 1992, trade relations with Asia, Geographic Information Systems, non-destructive testing of aircraft materials, industrial distribution, labor unions, church organ sales of Allen Organ, and the effect of educating those of these business practices as can be seen in the Tyler Pipe seminars.  The documentation during his time with Vought Helicopter includes notes, clear slides, graphs, and manuals regarding non-destructive testing.  The materials concerning his time as a corporate liaison include newspapers, magazines, maps of Europe and the Middle East, pamphlets, travel guides, and economic booklets.  Epstein was heavily involved in emphasizing the use of Geographic Information Systems in order for businesses to better target an audience, these files include newsletters, correspondence, magazines, and a syllabus for a GIS course at UT Tyler.  Data concerning Industrial distribution and labor unions include those dealing with quality control and the NAIT conference in the form of articles, personal notes, correspondence, program pamphlets, newspapers, and seminar information from other universities.  Epstein was also at the forefront for taking continuing education to the management of Tyler Pipe. The documentation regarding this event is in the form of proposals to the company to give this seminar, a booklet of UT Tyler faculty bio and Vitas assigned to Tyler Pipe, e-mails, handwritten notes, surveys, articles used for reference in the sessions, employee handbooks, clear slides, and schedules.  Research for Allen Organ is a collection of handwritten notes, correspondence, advertisements, publications, articles, reference photocopies, newspapers, and information from other pipe organ manufacturers. Drafts of presentations and research papers for all subjects found within.

  • Processing Information

    Files remain in order according to subject matter, but the papers and other contents have been reorganized according to media type, date, and abundance of items.  Some files that were found folder clipped, have been given folders of their own to retain clarity.  Duplicate items have been weeded.  Articles and essays that are completed are in separate folders.  Newspapers, photograph, postcard, clear slides, and some loose magazine pages have been preserved in archival preservation pockets.


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