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TR Presidential and Family poscards Edit


TAJC_Roosevelt_0005 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0006 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0007 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0008


  • 1908, 1908, NA, 1908 (Creation)



  • physical_description

    Top Left: pea-soup green postcard with colored illustrations of the nations presidents from 1850 to 1904; golden colored framing and details within card; copyright by Möller, Kökeritz & Co.; mailed Detroit, Michigan to Martha M.M.V. Martin in Detroit; green Ben Franklin stamp

    Bottom Left: black and white photo postcard of the Roosevelt family in their garden; photo has a slight horizontal texture ; copyright Pack Bros; mailed from Amersterdam, NY to Albion, NY; green Ben Franklin stamp

    Top Right: color illustration of President Roosevelt and His Family surrounded by greenery around their residence; copyright Pack Bros; Illustrated Post Card Co., NY

    Bottom Right: black and white image of the Roosevelt family by the Illustrated Post Card Co., NY; mailed from Canadaigua, NY to Miss Elizabeth Sisson of the same town; no postage stamp