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Wilcox House postcards Edit


TAJC_Roosevelt_0009 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0010 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0011 ; TAJC_Roosevelt_0012


  • 1913, NA, 1907, 1912 (Creation)



  • physical_description

    Top Left: color illustration of the Wilcox house with TR's photo in the upper left corner wearing a blue tie; mailed in Buffalo to Almond, NY; green George Washington stamp; no copyright

    Bottom Left:color illustration of Wilcox House in Buffalo "Where President Roosevelt Took the Oath of Office after McKinley's Death"; has TR's photo in a red tie; Published by David Ellis; Printed in Germany

    Top Right: colored postcard of the Wilcox Residence with black and white photo of TR in the upper right corner of the card; published by H.L. Woehler, Buffalo, NY & Dresden; made in Germany; sent from Buffalo to Portageville NY; green Ben Franklin stamp

    Bottom Right: color postcard of the Wilcox house with image of TR in upper left corner; mailed from Holland, NY to Mrs. Lester Barber in Arcade, NY; green George Washington stamp; no copyright